At it’s most basic, marketing is how you talk to people about your brewery. It gets complicated when you don’t know what will make people want to listen.

Then there’s that little problem of people changing their minds on what they find interesting and how they want to hear about it…next month’s preferences will be different from last week’s and next year’s won’t be anywhere close to today’s.

And you thought flavor trends were fickle.

A strong brand, a clear message, and a real, fact-checked understanding of your core customers means you can be ready to reach them the right way, in the right place and at the right time; but you have to know which ways, places and times are the “right” ones.

That’s why marketing, like any other conversation, needs to be a combination of talking and listening.

By watching how people interact with your brewery’s marketing and the paths they take when deciding which beers to buy, you can know exactly who to talk to, when, where and how to best reach them.

That’s when marketing becomes beautifully easy…and kind of fun.